Pedro Frugone

Pedro Frugone tiene una importante carrera como músico profesional tanto en proyectos propios como en bandas de nivel mundial como la Ley, ganadores del premio Grammy. Actualmente es parte de la banda Día Cero que junta a miembros de la Ley y el cantante Ignacio Redard.


The inspiration for this pickup came from the first humbuckers called PAF that were part of rock and roll music that were given the task of managing great amounts of distortion. Legendary sounds are the ones we used to shape this pickup. Because of its texture Stigma can give outstanding melodic lines and full and big chord sounds. This set is ideal to saturate tube amps.

    • Magnet: Alnico II
    • Output: Vintage

Price: $98USD (each)

  • Colors available: black, cream, “Zebra” (one black bobbin and one cream bobbin) and white.
  • With nickel covers: $107USD
  • With gold covers: $110USD