Juan Anderson




As craftsmen we are fascinated by the construction of certain artifacts whether it is for its artistry or craftsmanship. Within our pickups we use a lot of materials and techniques to create something beyond its technical characteristics and something that can be considered as a work of art. Just like in ancient metallurgy in which different types of steel were combined to achieve certain characteristics that would endure in time, this model uses a number of elements that create a pickup with a very complex response, a very pleasant sustain and a very special texture. This pickup can be used for a number of styles because it doesn’t have one special quality, but rather a collection of attractive elements.

  • Magnet: Alnico V
  • Output: medium
  • Price: $98USD (each)

  • Colors available: black, creme, “Zebra” (one black bobbin and one creme bobbin) and white.
  • With nickel covers: $107USD (each)
  • With gold covers: $110USD (each)