Ismael Cortez

Composer and lead guitar of the progressive band Tryo


Single coil pickups seem easy to manufacture but within their simplicity there’s a big challenge.
How to make the three positions of a Stratocaster guitar sound well balanced and having a decent sounding bridge pickup that won’t sound harsh and piercing.

We have designed a set that has lots of attack but at the same time, as the name says, very balanced in all three positions.

The neck pickup is sweet but contained in the low register. The middle pickup is the perfect combination for hum canceling in the intermediate positions and adding a more complex texture.

Finally the bridge pickup is powerful but does not have an excess of highs.

A set that adapts very well to the different combination of woods that can be found on Strat type guitars.

  • Magnets: Alnico V
  • Output: Vintage
  • Price: $64.99USD (each) $195USD (set of 3)
  • Available in creme and black covers