Angelo Pierattini

Frontman of the band Weichafe who has a bast solo work. Collaborating with artists like Alain Johannes among others.

Fender Endorser.


Active pickups just don’t have dynamic range, a fundamental characteristic of music.
The Mirror is a high gain bridge pickup designed to compete with active pickups. The difference is in its dynamic range, and what that means is that it can reproduce with accuracy the different intensities a musician can have to his or her playing and at the same time the pickup can clean whenever necessary. Its design is based on achieving lots of attack, necessary for music styles that need more aggressive distortion.

    • Magnet: Ceramic
    • Output: Hot

Price: $98USD (each)

  • Colors available: black, cream, “Zebra” (one black bobbin and one cream bobbin) and white.
  • With nickel covers: $107USD
  • With gold covers: $110USD