Alejandra Mesliuk

Argentinian guitar player and composer owner of a distinctive tapping technique that combines traditional Argentinian music and progressive rock.


Our 7-string humbucker model had a lot a obstacles to conquer. In a lot of 7-string pickups the low and the high notes can be perceive as two separate registers with no cohesion. Sometimes The 7th sting sounds muddy with no attack and in the case of active pickups the execution sounds sterile and compressed. The Emperor is a very well balanced pickup with lots of dynamics and a powerful attack in all 7 strings, making riffs sound aggressive and percussive and melodic lines balanced with natural harmonics. The low register sounds very defined without sounding muddy just like every Organic Pickup.

  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output: Hot

Price: $112USD (each)

  • Colors available: black, cream and “Zebra” (one black bobbin and one cream bobbin)
  • With nickel covers: $118USD (each)